Chargrilled Octopus with Chorizo & Baby Potatoes Recipe

Chargrilled Octopus with Chorizo & Baby Potatoes Recipe

This recipe brings all the flavors of the Mediterranean together in one glorious dish; it can be adapted as a starter, served as main or part of a sharing table.

Serves 4 - Prep time 30 mins - Cooking Time 2 hours
200g Cubed beef or pork chorizo
140g Heirloom baby tomatoes
300g Baby Yukon potatoes (peeled)
1x Red onion
5g fresh copped coriander
10gr Red veined sorrel or herbs of your choice
1x lemon for zesting
1gr smoked paprika
1x garlic clove thinly shaved on mandolin
5gr thyme
Salt & pepper
1 x Small Octopus
5g thyme
1x star anise
1x bay leaf
5gr peppercorn
25g leek, roughly chopped
25g onion, roughly chopped
25g celery, roughly chopped
25ml olive oil
50ml white wine vinegar
2ltr water
Too cook the octopus - Lightly sauté the leek, onion & celery (no color). Add the water, thyme, star anise, bay leaf, peppercorn, white wine vinegar, octopus & teaspoon of salt. Bring to boil, reduce to low heat so lightly simmering & cover pan. Cook for 45mins-1hr or until tender, remove from heat & allow octopus to cool in the cooking liquor.
To prepare the tomatoes - Cut in half length ways, place on baking tray. Drizzle with olive oil, season with seasalt, place a slice of shaved garlic on each tomato & sprinkle thyme evenly over. Bake in oven at 105oc for 2-3 hours (You want the tomatoes to be shriveled but still a little juicy inside)
Par boiled the peeled potatoes in salted water, allow them to cool & cut in half length ways. Season to taste potatoes, Sauté in a little olive oil until golden brown, remove from heat & sprinkle smoked paprika over evenly.
Pan fry chorizo until colored & cooked (retain chorizo oil).
Remove the legs from the cooked octopus and char grill with the red onion to add some color.
Assemble all the ingredients evenly across each plate to your presentation preference, add chopped thyme to chorizo oil & dress each dish. Grate lemon zest over each dish & finish with your choice of sesame seeds, sorrel leaves or chopped.


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