Black Cod Ramen Bowl Recipe

Black Cod Ramen Bowl Recipe

This light, savoury ramen allows the cod to be the star of the dish. Bringing the flavour elements of  miso black cod, the stock is packed with delicious umami flavour.

Serves 2 - Prep time 2 hour - Cooking Time 15 mins

Base Stock ( this can be made the day before and will make 10 portions )
2 litre of water
30gm kombu
20gm bonito flakes
20gm dried shitake mushroom 
50gm roasted black cod bones or trimmings
Method: Place the water/ kombu. About to boiled, add in all the other ingredients & switch off the fire & set aside to cool. 

Black cod - 240gm (put on skewers)

Barley miso - 4tsp 
Shiro miso - 4tsp
Black cod trimming - 4tbls
Grated ginger - 2tbls
Grated garlic - 3tsp 
Ramen noodle - 300gm
Soft boiled egg - 2pcs
Spring onion - 2tbls
White sesame seed - 1tsp 
Kale - 4pcs ( small pieces/ fried in a hot oil and drained )
Season the cod salt & baked for 5mins in 175deg oven.
While the cod is cooking, prepare the broth. In a pot, heat 400ml of base stock & add in the both miso (don’t boil or the miso will split). Once dissolved, add in the grated ginger, garlic & cod trimmings. In a separate pan cook the noodles for 3min in a boiling water.
Assemble: Pour the miso broth in a bowl, then add the cooked ramen noodles, follow with the rest of the ingredients & not forgetting the cod on kushi.

Recipe - by Reif Othman of Reif Kushiyaki


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